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Our FREEWARE program Able Search allows you to FIND AND DOWNLOAD EVERYTHING FAST: information, music and videos, files, photos, people, or save up to 50% on shopping.

Able Search also protects against hundreds of thousands of dangerous pages with viruses, Trojans, phishing, etc.

Make your work and entertainment FASTER, SAFER and EASIER.

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Able Search Manager enables easy and fast downloading of files. You can set the properties of each task by clicking download properties button :
download properties

Web address - the location of a file on the Internet

Location on your computer - where you want to to save downloaded file on your hard disk.

Priority: low, normal, high. The higher the priority, the download manager will try to get the file faster. For most of the files, select normal priority.

Able Search Manager can retrieve any file in several parts simultaneously. Thus, in most cases, especially when you have a fast internet connection, downloading a file is up to 500% faster.
Threads option allows you to set how many parts at once should be downloaded. Do not use too many threads simultaneously, because increases server load, and when you download multiple files, you will get a small increase of speed. Especially Windows Vista limits the amount of network connections and can cause transfer errors.

Some servers do not allow for few simultaneous connections or to resume a download. If you get a file and errors appear, try to download it at once - using one thread. If errors still occur, delete the file from the disk and start downloading from the beginning with one thread. Try not to interrupt, to download whole file at once.

Some HTTP or FTP servers require a username and a password. AbleSearch Manager can download files protected with a password. You do not need to enter passwords for anonymous FTP servers - Able Search gives a standard password.

Sometimes it happens that a server uses an unusual port. If you know this value, you can enter it, although almost in 100% of the cases you do not need to do this.

Some HTTP servers require to specify the source address (HTTP referrer) during downloading a file. This is the address of the page where we clicked e.g. a ZIP file to download it. Able Search automatically retrieves the source address from Internet Explorer, if you enable monitoring of the browser.